Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information

FORESIGHT INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD., shall be referred as “the Company” in the following, pays closer attention to the management of personal information of those who use the website, shall be referred as “the User” in the following, and handles it appropriately.

Handling of personal information of the Company

Handling of personal information of the Company is based on Privacy Policy.

Purpose of use

The Company will use personal information for the following purposes.

  • Contact related to the transaction
  • Offer the Company’s products and services
  • Implementation of the contract with the Company
  • Announcement about information and other services of the Company’s products and services
  • Announcement for any events that the Company hold
  • Monitoring and questionnaire survey for the better development of the products and services
  • Inquiry and document request and other request
  • Notification such as e-mail or DM from the Company for matters necessary on business
  • Packing and shipping of the products
  • Purchase of the product and service, management of purchase related to the use, and billing information
  • Customer support of inquiry and after-sales service
  • Implementation of obligation and exercise of rights related to laws and legislations
  • Other purposes with prior consent
Disclosure of personal information to a third party

The Company will not provide the User’s personal information to any third party without prior consent, except any of the following conditions.

  • When disclosed as “statistical data” by which an individual cannot be distinguished.
  • When disclosed to outsourcing within the purposes of use on business.
  • When succession by merger, acquisition or other business combination.
  • When based on laws and regulations.
  • When necessary to cooperate with public organization such as a court and police to disclose matters by laws and regulations.
  • When judged the User disadvantage to a third party.
Management of personal information
  • In order to prevent leaks, loss, destruction or damage to personal information, the Company is committed to implement appropriate security measures.
  • To establish and implement its own internal rules for personal information and improve continuously.
  • In case consignment of personal information to a third party, the Company establishes necessary measures thorough management and supervision by concluding an appropriate contract including the contents of safety management measures.
Modification of personal information

When requested by the User to disclose, correct, suspend or delete the personal information, the Company will promptly respond to modify information within a rational spectrum after verifying.


The Company will have no responsibility in the following cases regarding to obtain of personal information by a third party.

  • When the User discloses personal information to a specific company by using function of the service or any other methods.
  • When the User is unexpectedly identified due to the User’s activity or information that the User inputs for the service.
  • When personal information the User provides is used to the external service linked from the service.
  • When a third party obtains the information that can identify an individual such as ID and password.
On the use of Cookies

When using cookies, the Company may use systems of a third-party company.
In order to provide services efficiently to the Users, the Company may use acquisition of statistical site usage information using cookies by a third-party company or advertisement distribution through a third-party company.
Note that individuals cannot be distinguished by Cookies.

  • Cookies are a system that a website provider temporarily writes and saves data on a website visitor’s computer through a browser for efficiently operation of the Internet and measures the effectiveness of usage.
  • Although the use of cookies can identify the computer used by the User, individuals cannot be distinguished by Cookies.
    By changing the settings of your browser, it is possible to refuse to receive Cookies. Please ask manufacture for setting.
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