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From Hokkaido to the World


  • Feb.02 , 2021NewsHUBWAY® website has been opened.

About Us

Welcome to HUBWAY®

HUBWAY® transmits the useful information in Japan to people all over the world.
We hope it helps you to know more about Japan.

How to use 1
When it comes to Hokkaido, people will imagine fresh seafood.
You cannot forget the taste of them.
If you would like to get fresh marine products, e.g. fish, crabs or scallops at a low cost,【HUBWAY® Store】is right for you.
The items will be delivered via refrigerated shipping.
*Note that it is available only in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

How to use 2
When you plan to come to Japan,【HUBWAY® Travel】arranges your trip that meet your needs.
We’d love to help creating your itinerary to be satisfactory.
Toyota rental cars in Hokkaido and Kyushu are ready at good deal.
Hotel and air ticket in Japan can be easily booked and purchased online.



Fresh Seafood Shipment Service

Savor the local taste at home!

The products will be directly delivered from a morning market or a store to you via refrigerated shipping.
Do you want to taste that you have never experienced?
Or do you want to bring back your memory of delectable food?
We have a plenty of marine foods in【HUBWAY® Store】.

Our service is suspended because international Cool TA-Q-BIN is out of service due to Covid-19.
We will be reopened when it is resumed.
We apologize its inconvenience. Thank you for your understating and cooperation.



Free and Easy Custom-made Trip

The desired itinerary will be organized!

Business purpose such as incentive tours, company trip and research trip, in addition to private purpose, can be prepared.
Hokkaido and Kyushu are the major destination.
Everyone has different requests.
【HUBWAY® Travel】will arrange your trip to become comfortable and memorable.