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Welcome to “Hubway HOKKAIDO”


  • Feb.02 , 2021NewsHubway HOKKAIDO WEBSITE has been opened.

About Us

Welcome to new-born “Hubway HOKKAIDO”

Looking forward to spectacular views and palatable gourmet in Hokkaido?
Longing for seasonal and fresh taste of Hokkaido?
Or looking for a job in Hokkaido?
Hubway HOKKAIDO will transmit you information and share it with Hokkaido lovers.
We know it all about here.
We are happy to present you tips about Hokkaido!

Spacious lands, fresh seafood, etc…
Feel free to ask about your trip in【Hubway HOKKAIDO Travel】.
Of course we will be glad to plan your own special trip.

No time to come to Japan? No worry!
【Hubway HOKKAIDO Store】gives you variety choices of seafood.
Have fun the local taste at home.

Inspired by Japanese animation or Japanese culture,
have you had dreamed of working in Hokkaido?
【Hubway HOKKAIDO Job】provides you an applicable job for you.

We would like you to explore and experience new things.
Hubway HOKKAIDO aims Hokkaido lovers to gather.
We are here for you to grant your wish.



Seafood in Hokkaido!!

Savor the local taste at home.

Delivery from a morning market or a store to you via refrigerated shipping.
Do you want to taste that you have never experienced?
Or do you want to bring back your memory of delectable food?
We have a plenty of seafood in【Hubway HOKKAIDO Store】.

Our service is suspended because international Cool TA-Q-BIN is out of service due to Covid-19.
We will be reopened when it is resumed.
We apologize its inconvenience. Thank you for your understating and cooperation.



Travel in Hokkaido!!

We will offer you a comfort trip.

What is your image of Hokkaido?
Fresh seafood, spectacular view, hot spring, island trip, camping, white snow, skiing…
From a popular tour to your original tour, we will help your trip to be special!
【Hubway HOKKAIDO Travel】assists your new style trip to be unforgettable!



Job in Hokkaido!!

This is a chance for you to experience something new!

There is not enough time to know whole Hokkaido in a short trip.
But you must know more!
Do you want to challenge a new thing that you have never experienced?
We will introduce you a suitable job.
Are you new to Japanese? No worry! We have a wide range of jobs for you.
A lot of people from Taiwan and Hong Kong have been got a job from【Hubway HOKKAIDO Job】since 2010.
Let’s take the first step.